No. PAB-14(committees)-2019/212                                                  28th Feb, 2020


Meeting of Standing Committee on S&GAD, Inter-Provincial Coordination, Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Prosecution, and Human Rights is shceduled ot be held on Tuesday 03 March 2020, at 12:00 pm in the committee room of Balochistan Provincial Assembly Secretariat. 

Following agenda items will be discussed:

  1. Details of total number of staff and newly inducted employees in the last five years of the S&GAD Department.  
  2. Development and Non-Development budgets of the department.
  3. Details of number of vehicles, budget, registration numbers, number of drivers, and allotment procedure of vehicles in the Balochistan House of Islamabad and Karachi. 
  4. Any other item agenda deemed explainable by the chairperson of the committee. 

Participation of Committee members and department officers is requested.


Department representatives of S&GAD are requested to bring 15 No Copies of information requisited under agenda points (1 to 3).


Tahir Shah Kakar

Special Secretary (Committees)